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Rescue Muscle Salve
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Rescue Muscle Salve

Price: $46.50


Ste. Anne's Beeswax-based Rescue-Muscle Salve contains natural oils. Camphor oil gives it a slight cooling effect, aiding to reduce soreness from inflamed tissues. Made with Black Seed oil, it is also combined with Arnica oil that may help relieve pain due to aches, spasms or pulled muscle and joint fibres.

CBD Concentration: 33 mg.

Ingredients: Beeswax, arnica oil, black cumin seed oil, camphor oil, rosemary oil, hemp CBD oil.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Robin T.
2021/05/30 - 10:52:16 AM
Robin T
Close to a year ago I broke both of my wrists, sustained fractures in my ulna and radius bones and was in casts for 7 weeks. On a semi-regular basis I experience discomfort but prefer not to take painkillers. On an annual visit to Ste. Anne’s last October, I purchased their Rescue Muscle Salve hoping but not convinced that it would offer relief. To my surprise and delight, not only does it work, it does so almost immediately. Placebo effect? –I doubt it since I was truly skeptical that it would be effective.
Such a small amount is required that although both my husband and I have used it for various aches and pains, I am still on the original tin 8 months later.
GREAT value! GREAT product!! GREAT results!!!
Reviewed by Randa
Randa bought "Rescue Muscle Salve" on our website
2021/01/27 - 03:30:39 PM
This stuff is a life saver for arthritis pain
My husband has terrible arthritis in his hip and is in a lot of pain when it flairs (he’s only 48) and nothing relieves the pain except this amazing stuff!
I would rub a small amount on his hip and lower back and wishing a few minutes, he is able to move very easily and go for days without pain. This stuff is like magic! My husband doesn’t like to take medication or use anything for pain, because he doesn’t believes anything ever works well, but he really enjoys this stuff because it works so well! If you have arthritis, I highly recommend you try it!
Reviewed by Mia_T24
2020/07/07 - 10:30:10 PM
Love this!
I absolutely LOVE this product. After my Canna massage I visited the gift shop to see what other CBD oil products they had. I have back pain and my mom suffers from knee pain so I bought two of these. We both used them all the time. This salve provides instant relief and relaxation. I will definitely be purchasing more in the near future.
Reviewed by wandaahoehn
2020/03/05 - 12:58:01 PM
life saver
My husband I use this muscle salve on an almost daily basis for sore back and neck. It provides nearly immediate relief and I love adding heat to the area at the same time for an even better effect!